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Albuquerque DWI Offender Residency Maps

Although most New Mexican residents know that drunk driving is a significant cause of death and injury in our state, most also believe that DWI is not a problem in their neighborhood. To debunk this common misperception, the DWI Resource Center has prepared localized maps of DWI offender residencies for neighborhood associations in Bernalillo County. These maps can be used to identify the number of DWI offenders in and around your neighborhood and help you take action to reduce DWI death and injury.

The DWI Offender Residency Maps listed here utilize 2004 DWI data. If you or your neighborhood association would like an updated map, please contact the DWI Resource Center at (505) 881-1084 with your request.

To download the right map for your area, find your neighborhood association from the list below and click on the appropriate link. Don't know which neighborhood you live in? Look it up at:

If you have questions or problems accessing your data, please call (505) 881-1084 for assistance.

NOTE: City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County officials maintain separate lists of neighborhood associations. If your association appeared on both lists, you may find it listed (and mapped) twice.